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Agreement at BBB bars later claims

Consumers may assume that trying to resolve a dispute with a manufacturer through the BBB program is a way of resolving the dispute with the manufacturer. However, the BBB does not provide all the remedies allowed under the lemon law statute.

Despite the limited remedies allowed under the BBB, accepting a decision from the BBB can bar claims that you may have. In Lucas v. Ford Motor Company, 2018-Ohio-3765 (9th Dist.), the Court of Appeals found that acceptance of the BBB's limited remedies bars any later claims a consumer may have. The Court determined that it even bars causes of action that are not brought under Ohio's Lemon Law.

Our approach is to guide clients through the BBB program, which can have potential pitfalls and misinformation for a client's rights. A person should be vigilant in guarding their rights under Ohio's laws.

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