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Auto repair: how to get your money back

Folks are often ripped off by auto repair companies. This is a difficult area for consumers because we often do not understand what is wrong with a car, and cannot easily look inside and see for ourselves. In light of this, we depend on auto repair workers to fix the issues with the vehicle without having any adequate way of cross-checking their diagnosis and workmanship.

Under Ohio's laws, auto repair companies must follow certain guidelines. If they fail to do so, consumers can possibly get their money back and in some cases recover damages and attorney fees.

Some typical requirements for an auto repair shop:

- providing an estimate before commencing work;

- refraining from unnecessary repairs;

- returning the parts that were replaced to the customer;

- no misrepresentations;

Call an attorney and find out if you have a claim for relief or a means by which to get your money back.

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