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Home Repair Problems with Legal Solutions

- "My home remodel was done with sloppy and poor workmanship"

A lot of home construction repair and remodeling is performed by contractors who cut corners. Poor workmanship often leads to bigger issues. This office will help you navigate the rights you have, including rights and remedies you may not be familiar with, to move the dispute toward the result you want. 

- "The contractor promised one thing and delivered something different"

In the course of striking a deal, contractors can be much like other salespersons - promising many things and delivering only a fraction of what is promised. Certain consumer protection statutes can help protect you from misleading statements and other misrepresentations.

- "The job took months longer than the contractor promised"

Control of your own home is important. Having contractors and subcontractors (strangers) in and out of your home for a prolonged period of time can be frustrating and aggravating. We can help guide you through potential remedies resulting from a slow, inattentive contractor.


Ohio Homeowner Protection Laws

Consumer Sales Practices Act-(R.C. 1345.01)

- This law applies to all home remodeling, repair, or improvement transactions between a homeowner and a contractor as long as the contract price was less than $25,000

- The Consumer Sales Practices Act makes it illegal for a home improvement contractor or builder to act in an unfair, deceptive, or unconscionable way with its customers.

The Home Construction Service Suppliers Act -(R.C. 4722.01)

o   The HCSSA applies only to these larger projects which involve construction of a new structure, whether the contract price exceeds $25,000, and where the contractor has insurance with at least $250,000 in limits (which most do).

The Home Solicitation Sales Act- R.C. 1345.21)

- The Ohio HSSA gives consumers a three-day right to cancel certain contracts

- Applies to many contracts for goods and services, including construction services

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Meet the attorneys that can help counsel you on the issues you are having with a home construction repair dispute

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